A burgundy velvet gown with cloth-of-gold stomacher

This gown is of a deep burgundy-brown velvet. The sleeves have padded rolls inside to hold them up in the shape fashionable
in the 1570s and 80s. The bodice is worn open over an open ruff and a stomacher, which is pinned to the corset. The pendant is by Wolfgang von Roessler.

The general shape of this gown, save for the sleeves, is from figure 7 in Janet Arnold's Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd.
This style of sleeve appears in the "Darnley" portrait of Queen Elizabeth (figure 215 in QEWU or on the National Portrait Gallery,
London website). Variations on this style of bodice trimming are in figures 135 and182 of QEWU.

The stomacher is reproduced as exactly as possible, though a close-up of the portrait (obtained by the great courtesy of the
J.B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY) shows the surface as being netted. The quatrefoils were very generously made for me by
Arthur and Melanie Kathan and gilded by the extremely talented Jason Malarkey.