Green Linen Gown, laced at both sides,
round-necked Flemish chemise, v-necked Flemish partlet,
pleated petticoat, round cap, stockings

Like the brown woolen gown, this one can be worn alone or as a kirtle (undergown) with a Flemish overgown (seen here).

I found side-lacing much more convenient as a person dressing alone, though there is less evidence for it in the sixteenth century than in the fifteenth. The skirt is gathered onto the bodice.

Linen is quite breathable, and after it's been on the body for about half an hour, most of the wrinkles fall out. This is also true for the woolen gown. The most trouble I've had with wrinkles has been with a synthetic brocade skirt that I have.

The v-neck Flemish partlet is a single layer, with the edges turned and hand-hemmed. It is pinned together in front (the pin goes through the bodice fabric as well to keep it in place).