Brown Woolen Gown, laced at the side-backs,
square-necked Flemish chemise, brown Italian sleeves,
pleated petticoat, stockings, round cap, straw hat

I based this gown on the side-back-laced style of Eleanora di Toledo's gown in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620 (pages 102-4). It can be used as a kirtle (undergown) when worn with a Flemish overgown (seen here), or on its own with or without Italian sleeves, as seen above.

Warning: I found that side-back lacing is nearly impossible to get into and out of by oneself. The lacing edges are stiffened with a bone, and the eyelets are all worked by hand. I offset them to accomodate spiral lacing.

The sleeves are simply pinned on at the shoulder. The Italians might more likely have sewn them in or buttoned them on, but neither of these solutions worked well with the gown's alternate life as a Flemish kirtle.

The skirt is pleated onto the bodice.

Below is a view of the back of the bodice showing the side-back lacings.