Brown Woolen Gown, woolen Flemish Overgown (rust side out),
Flemish ruffed partlet, Brown woolen Flemish sleeves, square-necked Flemish chemise, pleated petticoat, stockings, round cap, straw hat

Here is the full Flemish look. The overgown is fully lined (both layers wool--very toasty) and reversible. It can also be caught up in a fetching manner (as seen below). Large metal eyes in an offset pattern allow for a single lace. The skirt is pleated onto the bodice.

The partlet is two layers (self-lined) with a gathered ruffle at the neck edge. It is pinned together at the front (through the bodice fabric as well to hold it in place).

The sleeves are a single layer of wool, pinned in one spot at the shoulder. With this outfit and a wool partlet on, I sat and talked for hours outside when it was about 50 degrees and was very comfortable.