A gown of the Spanish style with hanging sleeves


This gown is made of silk brocade, the hanging sleeves lined with gold and brown changeable silk,
and the undersleeves made of burgundy silk taffeta. The trim is gold braid over burgundy velvet ribbon.
My inspiration was figure 333 (a Sanchez Coello painting of an unknown girl) in Janet Arnold's
Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620
. The carcanet and girdle, excluding the pendant, were made by
Tom Johnson of By My Hand Designs.



Close inspection of the hanging sleeves will reveal the piecing between the horizontal bands of trim. Piecing is common in 16th
century clothing, and it was the only way I could squeeze this gown out of the parsimonious yardage that I allowed myself.



The cap is made from a very deep burgundy vlevet to which I added
crosses made from four oval gold beads with a pearl in the center.

This photo also shows my starched ruff, which I made to replace the cartridge-pleated horsehair ruff
that I made to go with my earlier Elizabethan gowns. For more information on this ruff, click here.

I have corrected the fitting problem over the shoulders which causes the fold to appear at the base of the standing collar.