Here are some useful and interesting web sites. Apologies if any of them are out of commission. For more links, see

General Costume Pages

The Costume Page (no longer updated, but has many links to costume resources, research, other costume pages, etc.)

The Costumer's Manifesto

Costume Gallery

Milieux: The Costume Site (has many costume links)

Computer Scenographics Research Library (has costume links)

La Couturiere Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site (has a wonderful set of primary source pictures arranged by century)

The History of Costume by Braun and Schneider (a 19th-century costume history book online)

Bisonnette on Costume: A Visual Dictionary of Fashion

Specific-Focus Costume Pages

The Elizabethan Costuming Page (Mistress Drea's fabulous site, including a pattern generator for corsets and tons of great links to Elizabethan resources)

Footwear of the Middle Ages

The Renaissance Tailor

Some Clothing of the Middle Ages (Marc Carlson's fabulous site on extant medieval clothing)

Arador Armour Library

Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage

The Regency Fashion Page

Artistic Dress (Victorian Dress Reform/Aesthetic Dress)

The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion (Victorian/Edwardian)

ERTE (all about the early 20th-century designer/artist)

Paris Music Hall Collection (designs for costumes 1920-1938)

Vintage Fashion Magazines and Patterns

Godey's Lady's Book 1

Godey's Lady's Book 2

Harper's Bazar Magazine

Vintage Pattern Lending Library

Useful Images for Research

Paintings of Vermeer

English Actors at the Turn of the Twentieth Century (hand-colored photos of actors in costume)

American Memory collections from the US Library of Congress (includes a collection of photos and daguerrotypes as well as movies, etc.)

The Daguerrian Society

Dscriptorium (images of and links to illuminated manuscripts)

Sense and Sensibility's Vintage Image Gallery

Vintage Family Photos

NY Public Library Digital Collections

Tudor and Elizabethan Portraits (a large collection of portraits, including some less common ones)


Art Galleries online:


Web Gallery of Art

CGFA Virtual Art Museum

National Portrait Gallery (UK)

Olga's Gallery

Costume Museums and Collections

Museum of the City of New York Costume Collection

Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX (has costumes and textiles collection)

University of North Texas Fashion Collection

The Goldstein Museum

The Museum of Costume at Bath, England

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Costume and Textile Collection

The Bowes Museum

Costume Museum of Canada

Textile Museum of Canada

The Costume Museum (Japan)

The Bata Shoe Museum

Smithsonian Costume Collection

Connecticut Historical Society

Cornell Costume Collection

Kent State University Museum

University of Virginia Collection of Historic Dress

The Fan Museum

WWW Virtual Library--museums search engine


Medieval and Renaissance Living History

Society for Creative Anachronism

Regia Anglorum's Wychurst Project


The Company of Saynte George



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