The Black Embroidery Project

When finished, this will be an Elizabethan doublet and kirtle from roughly 1570, the doublet and guards
of the kirtle of black velvet embroidered with silk and appliqued with silk satin, and the kirtle skirt and
bodice and laced-in sleeves of black silk satin. The sleeves are pinked.


This is one half of the doublet front. The ground is black velvet, the leaves and fleur-de-lys shapes are black silk satin,
the acorns and peascods are satin-stitched in black nearly untwisted silk, and the vines are done in black silk Trebizond cord.
The seamlines of the doublet and the embroidery to come are traced with white silk thread. All is done by hand.


Here's a close-up of the embroidery and applique...


...and the pinking on one of the sleeves (done with a chisel).